Unity to our forefathers was not just a trendy concept or a political ploy, it was a concept and a reality upon which a great nation would be formed and sustained.  They knew that united we would withstand great forces, but if divided we would succumb to the desires and control of others.  When, therefore, we began as “United Colonies” and in 1776 became the “United States of America,” a purpose existed behind the name of our nation.  At that time in history we stood together as a nation – united; as communities – united; as families – united; and within our faiths – united.  It was almost as if we were united by nature.

What, however has become of our “united” nature?  Our nation, our communities, our families, our faiths no longer exist in a state of “unitedness.”  This lack of being united affects our businesses as well.  We know unity still exists at some level because we see it in times of peril.  We saw our nation unite on 911.  We see our nation unite during each disaster such as Katrina and Sandy.  We see our family unite when a loved one is lost.  We see our community unite when tragedy close to home occurs.  We even see a rise in unity in our businesses when tough times arise.

But why does it take peril to force the unity?  Why are we not united every day – united in our nation, in our community, in our family, in our faith, and in our businesses?  Why have we traversed so far down this path to individualism, sometimes forgetting that there is a greater good and a purpose in life beyond that of keeping up with the Jones?

Our hypothesis is that we have all become too focused on “me” and quite frankly, too selfish; even that we may not remember on a daily basis the sacrifices of our past and current military who ensure we continue to enjoy our rights and freedoms.  We all have our reasons – our demons, our heartbreak, our doubt, our rejections, our fears, our perceptions, and our jealousies.  So what do we do to overcome and strive to become united every day – united in our nation, our community, our family, our faith, and our businesses?

First, we recognize that division tears apart what has been built and what we should be trying to sustain and grow; therefore perpetuation cannot occur.  Bickering, rivalries, and jealousy all lead to division.  Division prevents unity.  Without unity, we cannot progress; therefore we cannot be successful.

Second, we recognize that we all share a common purpose. As a nation, our common purpose is to protect our rights and freedoms; as a community, it is to stand together and help our neighbors; as a family, it is to support and care for each other, and to teach and guide our children; as our faith, it is to follow and live by its guidance; as our businesses, it is to care for our employees, and provide quality services and products to our customers.  Each common purpose also includes perpetuation – perpetuation of our nation, our community, our family, our faith, and our businesses.

Third, we take action – some of us may lead, and some may follow when taking action.  When we take action it should be in the direction of building and sustaining unity.  We may not always agree on the action to take or the path of which the action is being taken, but we must stand together and take action.  We may not always understand why the path laid for us has been so, but we must trust and unite together to accomplish the path.  Trusting, leading, following – just taking action – can be unnerving for some, comforting for others.  But when we choose our leaders wisely, trusting and following diligently throughout all actions is less unnerving.


Where do we go from here?

We remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to work towards unity.  As citizens, community members, family members, faith members, employees, and owners – we all have a shared responsibility to each other; and we must work together to be successful.  We cannot always choose our fellow citizens or our family members, but we can choose our leaders, neighborhoods, our employees, and our places of work.  Choose carefully – make sure a fit occurs from everyone’s perspective.  And don’t forget, with unity comes success; with division comes failure.  Unite, take action, and become successful.


© 2019 Heather Williams-Cavaretta