Team Members

Heather Williams-Cavaretta is the owner/operator of HWilliams, LLC. Heather earned her doctorate in Human Resource Education with a PhD. minor in statistics from Louisiana State University. She has served as a teacher, adjunct professor, instructional designer and a trainer across multiple industries and universities. Parallel to her experience, Heather has four referred journal articles, eight referred conference proceedings along with presenting to local, national and international audiences. Heather also has previously served on several local boards.

Our team:

Team Member Skill Area
Chris Primes CM, PM, PE, PC
Robert Brown PM, PE, PC
Karson Spears PC
Thomas Mancil CM, PM, PE, PC, CWI
Jessie Green PC, T&D,  Vendor assessments/reporting
Charli Spears PM, PE, PC
Rashad Wilkerson PC, T&D,  Vendor assessments/reporting
Allison Primes T&D
Lyn Turner Costs, Doc Control
Trey Cavaretta CM
Heather Cavaretta CM, PM, PE, PC, T&D, Asset Management, Coaching, Systems Development, Test Plan Development, Data Analysis