Let us help you develop your employees reach their potential while removing process variation due to inconsistent task performance.

HWillaims, LLC offers a variety of training courses, and has demonstrated ability of building full employee pay and progression programs including custom training and development units. These courses are designed to help create and effectively manage a productive group of employees as well as provide help on different parts of project building and executing. Below is an example of topics.

The Team

  • How to Build a Successful Project Team
  • Managing through a Project Team’s Personality Differences
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies Needed for a Successful Project Team
  • Integration between Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operations

The Schedule

  • Managing the Interactions of Disciplines to Create a Successful Project Schedule
  • Mediating and Moderating Variables Impacting the Project Schedule
  • Don’t Forget about Startup

The Costs

  • Controlling Your Cost by Controlling Your Resources
  • Tracking and Forecasting Project Costs

The Tools

  • Tracking and Forecasting Tool Basics for a Successful Project

Pay and  Progression Program Development

  • Customized pay and progression program development
  • Skill matrix definition (KSA’s)
  • Task identification
  • Training program development

Onsite Employee Safety, Quality, Operational and Technical Training Development

  • Work hand-in-hand with SMEs
  • Develop documentation
  • Validate documentation
  • Create training schedules
  • Create employee progression plan
  • Create tracking systems
  • Assist with implementation